Your planet

The Story of Stuff

The Story of StuffThe true cost of all your stuff. Annie Lennox’s must see “Story of Stuff“.

Negative carbon liquid fuel

Hope for the future? Or another fizzer? I can’t decide. Negative carbon liquid fuel is a very promising project which could lead to more food, more lquid fuel and reclaimed deserts. See what it’s all about here on Just Wondering.

Thomas Malthus got it right

Paul Gilding spells it out in this 17 minute TED talk:

No tomorrow

Have we used up all our resources? Have we filled up all the livable space on Earth? Paul Gilding suggests we have, and the possibility of devastating consequences, in a talk that’s equal parts terrifying and, oddly, hopeful.

If there is to be a tomorrow it’s time to open your eyes

The ever more dire probable outcome of our failure to control growth and to stem climate changing fossil fuel burning has now reached the frightening stage. David Roberts talks about the future and an outstanding cartoon telling us why Malthus got it right.

We’re Just Wondering about plenty more important stuff. Come back soon.

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