Letters to my grandchildren 1

1.  15 billion years in 300 seconds

Here’s a clever 5 minute video to get you in the mood. It puts our planetary plight in a nutshell. When I first saw this I thought it was spot on. Now I suspect that there’s less cause for optimism than the makers display.

A note about embedded Youtube videos: after you click the Play button, click on the gearwheel icon at bottom right and select the highest available resolution, then click the maximize icon which is the farthest right.

2. A faint ray of hope

There’s a lot of bad news in the pipeline so I’ll try to include at least one positive post in these letters. Here’s the first, a 15 minute video which I mentioned in the previous link.

3. An aside on how you’re being screwed by the global financial conspiracy

And not for the first time.
This is a quickie. It’s just my observations on one image from the New York Times.


4. Back to the planet: two of the best of the worst

Two for one.

The first video in this post is a 17 minute TED video from David Roberts of Grist.org.  It updates current projections of where the planet is heading with regard to climate change. It’s a worry.

The second video is a 32 minute cartoon. It’s a little wordy and full of facts and figures but it’s a must-watch which expands on the 15,000,000 years video which you’ve already watched. It covers climate, resources, and uncontrolled growth. It’s important.


To wrap up

In the first few of these letters I’ll include a useful resource for reference. This week’s is:

Skeptical Science

You’ll continually come across convincing arguments from those who deny that the planet is in trouble, often seemingly stupid people like Lord Monkton, but also smart people like Leighton Smith on ZB. I believe that they’re ill-informed at best, and criminally irresponsible at worst. The good people at Skeptical Science have an excellent resource listing the tired myths and providing scientific answers refuting them.

Skeptical science provide the same info in excellent apps for iPhone, Android and Nokia phone users, and a Firefox add-on.


Feedback please

If you have questions, or if you wish to comment or provide more information or corrections, please leave a comment on the appropriate page on my website. If you have suggestions for future letters please email me or leave a comment.

If you wish to receive my second letter you’ll have to respond. I’m not about to start spamming and don’t wish to impose stuff on you that you don’t want.

If, on the other hand, you’re inspired with missionary zeal and wish to contribute to my website please phone or email me. Never fear, it’s running WordPress and you don’t have to be a web wizard to create content.


Alan at Just Wondering.

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