Climate change is simple

Change our ways today and our grandchildren will face an increasingly difficult future.

Continue business as usual and they will face Apocalypse.

This is important, really important

The ongoing financial crisis is a serious problem which has cost millions of people their jobs and their homes, but eventually it will end. Maybe badly, maybe very badly. We’ll be poorer but we’ll get over it.

On the other hand, we can’t so easily thumb our noses at the laws of physics. The ever more dire probable outcome of our failure to control growth and to stem climate changing fossil fuel burning has reached the frightening stage. It will end badly. There is a significant possibility that it could end our civilization. It is almost certain that within decades it will radically alter the way we live, especially in the richer nations of the world.

Climate change: prepare for the worst, hope for sanity to prevail

David Roberts from Grist puts it in perspective:

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Why did this happen?

How we got to this sorry state

There’s no tomorrow


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