One Wild Kiwi

Awakening Apocalypse

“Taken in its entirety, the increase in mankind’s strength has brought about a decisive, many-sided shift in the balance of strength between man and the earth.”

“Nature, once a harsh and feared master, now lies in subjection and needs protection against man’s powers.”

“Yet because man, no matter what intellectual and technical heights he may scale, remains embedded in nature, the balance has shifted against him too, and the threat that he poses to the Earth is a threat to him as well.”

Jonathon Schell

Learned folk often assert that climate change is “one of the most serious issues facing humanity.”

It’s not true.

Climate change is far and away the most important issue that the human race has ever faced.

In 2012, when the Arctic ice cover reached the lowest extent ever recorded some scientists suggested that it was the most significant event that had ever occurred in the history of mankind. I suspect that they were correct.

It’s complicated

Climate change is not an isolated problem. It’s inextricably linked with big business, dysfunctional politics, population growth and economics. Our debt-based monetary system requires continual and ultimately unsustainable economic growth. In these pages I hope to illustrate how and why.

David Roberts

Nobody knows what the planet will look like when my great-grandsons are old men. Nobody knows what society will be like in 2100. Or whether or not the projected 2050 population of 10 billion will still be around 50 years later. We don’t whether or not we’ll be reduced to a few million huddled around the Antarctic coast or even whether or not we’ll have wiped ourselves off the face of the Earth along with most major species.

But we can look at trends, analyse collective behaviour, and make intelligent guesses about the range of likely scenarios. Whatever the ultimate result it is not going to be good news for much of the life on our planet.

Lets’s get started

David Roberts from Grist with a 15 minute video explaining why climate change is happening, how serious it is, and the terrifying outlook if we continue our present behaviour. Click on David’s picture or on this link: Climate change is simple.


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