What’s it all about?

Mistywindow.com is a place for non-experts to take control of Windows.

I’ve been a bit distracted in recent months by trying to draw people’s attention to the decline of my country into the Third World. Nobody gives a toss so I’m back to concentrating on IT.


Titanic sinking
This is where New Zealand is headed and the decline will continue until we hold our unscrupulous and untrustworthy politicians accountable

New Zealanders have allowed a couple of generations of politicians and bureaucrats to bring their country to its economic knees. If you click on the “Third World New Zealand” link on the top menu you will discover what’s gone wrong. It’s not good news. In fact it’s horrifying.

If you think that’s an exaggeration consider the following facts.

In just over 50 years we’ve gone from being the second richest country in the world to the 51st. The rate of relative decline has increased since 2007.

About 1,000,000 New Zealanders—that’s 20% of us—live in other countries. That’s the population of our biggest city and they’re not the people we could afford to lose. Contrary to politicians’ claims, the vast majority don’t return. The net loss right now is about 80 New Zealanders a day.

Never mind catching Australia; the New Zealand Institute extrapolated the trends: we’re on track to be overtaken economically by Botswana and Kazakhstan by 2025.

The Treasury Secretary estimates that if business as usual continues, another 410,000 people will cross the Tasman by 2025. That shouldn’t be surprising; it’s just a continuation of a trend over three decades. Could there be a worse indictment of current and previous governments’ policies? I believe this estimate is excessively optimistic.

This problem can be fixed.

Here at mistywindow.com you’ll find out how bad our position is. As I add information you’ll learn that our decline can be reversed and we’ll consider what needs to be done to fix it. You’ll find that so far nothing much is being done and that unless you—yes, you—fight for change the decline will continue.

Per capita GDP chart with New Zealand worst of 51 top nations
Per Capita GDPThis is the problem. We're poor and getting poorer. Click on the image to see the sorry situation full size. If you explore Just Wondering you'll find out what can be done to fix it.

If I could accomplish just one thing with this website it would be to have every New Zealander set aside an hour to watch Dr Paul Callaghan’s presentation “Beyond the Farm and the Theme Park”. If I could manage that, our politicians would be in the big trouble they deserve.

You can see it right here. Please watch it.

Dr Callaghan first alerted me—and many others—to just how bad our situation has become. He’s a very accomplished New Zealander, he’s done his homework, he knows what he’s talking about and it’s vital that we listen to him.

Start by reading this page: New Zealand in decline and following its links to subsequent pages.

You can have your say via this Contact Us link or the Contact link on the top menu and you can comment on any page or post.

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